Costa Rica – part 2

Our trip to Costa Rica is complete and I’ve had some time to think back on it. The families we visited there are in need of so much support. The good news is the group we are working with has a good infrastructure in place to help, they just need more resources to get to everyone in need.

Bluntly, this can be a dangerous place. The night before our scheduled production day at a specific location, there was a gang confrontation on the street. Shots were fired and people were hurt and arrested. The next day the kids were showing us where it happened and pointing out bullet holes. Not a good place for children. But what can they do, where can they go? Tough questions with no easy answers.

One house we visited was being torn up from underneath. After a rain, the water would run under and erode parts of the flooring and foundation. There were multiple holes in the floor and we saw some of the smaller kids living there fall through on our visit. No one was hurt but the fact that it happened and will again in the future is heart breaking.

When this is all put together it will air as an hour long documentary across the county. When you see it, please consider helping. These families need it and the money will go along way.