ESPN for Iowa St v Colorado.

The college hoops season was set to launch last week and a venue in Sioux Falls was going to host the Iowa State V Colorado game. We’re a neutral site, until everyone there is wearing the red and gold… I was part of the crew as a utility and had a ridiculously good time. Shout out to Rusty from North Carolina. Your team may very well be America’s team. The rest of us just don’t know it yet.

The South Dakota weather played a little havoc on the crew traveling in with high winds delaying flights from Chicago. So there were 2 of us to start cabling the venue at call time with 2 more expected in a few short hours.  The 4 of us knocked that sucker out in about 6 hours total. Including braving the 30+ mph winds on the roof where we had to drop a 6 malt triax cable down 40 feet to the truck. The wind blew it around like a string until we bagged it with 150 lbs of weight. From there it was relatively easy to get everything in place and ready. It was a pretty good day in the end.

The game was the next day and as far as I know it was a good and clean broadcast. I was roping cable for Rusty and in between trying to understand his accent whipping triax around the court I enjoyed the game, but the experience a whole lot more.  Thanks to the guys from Token Creek for all of their help.  Deb, you too. Hope to work with you again soon.