Foundry Shoot

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot in the Sioux City Foundry. We used the C100 and its low light capabilities came through in this industrial environment.

First off, a foundry is where they melt metal and pour it molds to form into all sorts of parts; engine blocks, pistons, pump housings, tons of stuff. In Sioux City I got to follow the entire process. We saw it from the melting of scrap to pouring in the molds to cooling. We ended with grinding and polishing. The facility was pretty dark but when the metal is poured the sparks fly and the molten metal lights up everything around it. Very neat to see.And not as hot as you might think. Then again, I was kept back a ways….

Attached are some frame grabs from the raw out of the C100. I am very excited about these images and how well the camera performed in this setting. I was able to get detail in objects I could barely make out with my own eye. The color reproduction was rich and the dynamic range was handled very well. The more I use this camera the more I like it. Enjoy.