From NYC to LA

I am currently in Las Angles preparing for the LA Auto Show. Where does the time go? I haven’t posted a single bit from the NYC auto show and that was months ago.

For this show, I was on the Acura Booth for their reveal of the NSX. A very cool car. Look it up. Its sweeeeet. This time I would be flying the Toshiba and fuji zoom on the polecam using a Ronin M head. John Gillen made this system work for this issues of dealing with the winds on top of the cliffs for the Red Bull Cliff diving series.

The Ronin M is gimble/stabilizer that corrects for operator movement to keep the camera steady, on track and aimed at the target. By modifying it for Polecam, he was able to get more steady shots while on top of a cliff fighting a blustery mother nature. Fast forward a ways and the head had proven itself. He now uses it for every job and I was on his crew.

The Acura booth was pretty darn cool. We had differently shaped screens to put the images in, a circle for example-that was tilted away from the audience making things appear to be too low in the frame when centered. There were rotating platforms, tunnels, synchronized light bars, fog and strobe lights. It was like a rave welcoming its newest VIP. One thing that was a challenge was the drivers would bring the cars out onto the turning platforms–and not always park in the same spot. So as the platform would rotate, the car would move left or right as the circle would spin around. Hard to keep in frame when your 16×9 wide screen image is now a circle inside a 4×3 box.  The stuff you have to think about…

In addition to my spot, there were three more polecams on site. John was with Ford and the fantastic Richard Hookings was on the Jaguar – Land Rover booth. I’m on that booth this time around. Will post some more picture before the NYC show rolls around again.