Grippage. Its A Thing

These pictures almost didn’t make it to the web. But after looking at them again, I decided they need to go up. They are from a shoot in late fall of 2015. We needed a coffee shop as a location but had to use a bar instead due to the time of day we were shooting. The sun kept going in and out of the clouds so we had to control it from the outside of the building. Bring on the grip trucks.

We happened to have 2 Grip Trucks on the shoot. It was not planned that way but glad it happen. Doug Lee Pictures and Gator Grip both dug into their arsenals to handle this one. We had 8×8 and 12 x 12 nets up and then added solids to completely block out the light. And then the wind came up. We ran out of sandbags to hold everything firm do I ended up sitting on a stand while the shoot carried on inside. Loving South Dakota.

So, now that the light was controlled from the outside the client still wanted some “window light” splashing on the wall. With the help of an HMI (placed outside but in between the building and the temporary wall of black out fabric) and about 3 dozen well placed flags, the effect was achieved. Check out the picture below. The image of the talent was taken off a monitor so please excuse the quality. Crazy things to had to be done that day.