Hutterite Film

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to work on a very neat project with Sioux Falls native Becca Flynn. The working title was Hutterite. It was a short film based on her mother’s story of growing up in a Hutterite colony, making the decision to leave and then doing so. It was a very high end production full of incredible imagery. The cast and crew was also stacked with superstar talent.

Defying the laws of nature and physics, we accomplished all principal photography in 4 days. They were long, mean days but we got it done. The last day started at 4 PM and I drove home after the sun was up….. But the pre-prodction and planning before anything even happen on set is what catches my eye. Becca is based in LA and works in the entertainment industry. She was able to pull top talent for in front and behind the camera. She used her local connections (and a Mighty Dort Keiper) to pull off things on the ground.

Our location was a farm outside of Hurley. It had several out buildings and I am pretty sure we used all of them for something. Whether it be storing gear, a shooting location or just to hide in its shade. 2 different barns, the main house, exteriors around the house, a cabin near by and most of a country mile for parking cast and crew vehicles and shots of getting the mail. We made the most out of the sun and the moon and created out own when needed. Lots of grip gear flying around.

Here is what I know, there is a premiere being planned to show in Sioux Falls this fall. From there Becca and her team will hit the film festival circuit with hopes of selling the concept so they can come back and do a full feature shoot. From what I saw and experienced on set, this is a mighty powerful story with solid images to back it up. I have confidence Becca will be moving ahead on the feature before too long.