Interview Lighting

A few weeks back I worked on a project for a church and the following week it was for a friend’s church. Getting my graces in before Easter I guess.

For this video we shot 3 interviews in 2 locations in a home. The pictures for this are from the 2 person interview which had a warmer look to the background. The set up was pretty much the same as for the single person seen in the pics below with a cooler blue behind the subject.

We used the C100 and prime lenses and all LED lighting. That was crucial to being able to dim the lighting down without a lot of additional grip equipment or needing to gel the lights back up. And a testament to the C100… we shot at the Native ISO of 850, had ND 1 applied and the lens open to about 2.4. We had the lights barely on, like running the SOLA 4 on the background at 10% of power. The Key was under 50% into the diffusion. This camera just sucks in light. Its almost unfair to other cameras.

There is a lot going on in the near future so stay tuned for more updates.