Interviews and Tail Pipes

Every August the Black Hills of South Dakota come alive with the rolling thunder of tail pipes for the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally. A few years back, I worked a concert venue for close to 2 weeks – and haven’t worked that scene sense. This trip, my job was to capture clean audio through the constant rumble. Oh boy….

Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Some of the interviews on the street we hard to handle when bikes would pass through. We would pause and then resume. It was fun to get out and away from Downtown Sturgis and see more of the hills and the relaxed atmosphere of the hole in the wall stops along the way. That’s where the bikers would really open up about riding and their passion. And in those places, the audio was much easier to capture.

No, I’m not getting a bike…. yet. Saw some very cool ones that wouldn’t break the bank. Not the thousand pounder complete custom job shown in the pictures below. Something more simple and clean. Maybe after I get that (Spoiler Alert!) grip truck sorted out.