Like Magic

I recently worked on a shoot for Magic Makers. Their owner, Rob Stiff, is huge into production and film making. He uses this passion to creating very high end marketing tools for his company.

On this set we teamed up with Spectrum Studios who was in town from a different shoot. Their massive grip truck came in handy when lighting up the scenes where Rob would perform some magic to a group have a drink and playing cards.

The set up in the photos shows 3 lights combines into one large, soft source for the talent. We also have back light from bounce boards and 2 HMIs running to keep a consistent look as the weather was changing outside. Later we shot poolside. That was fun and looked amazing. the DP Kevin had the Alexa and anamorphic lenses on a geared head, then attached to a slider which was then mounted to a Fisher Dolly. That led to some sweet looking video. Almost as sweet as the card tricks. Those were flat out amazing.