Loading into a Hospital

Earlier in 2016, I had two shoots with Susan Sherman of SVC International. Both were surgical in nature and one load in story in particular is worthy of its own post.

These pictures are from a different event, with the same crew and set up, but are used to illustrate the amount of equipment we need for a multi camera shoot in an OR. This is about HALF of it as the other half have had already began the trip up the elevators. We do not travel light.

Here’s the story: This happened at a hospital in NYC that was on two sides of a street and connected through several sky ways. They were on the 2nd, 8th and 15th floors I believe.  We had permission to load in the front door of the main building on the West side of the street and assemble our pile in the lobby. Using our carts we had to go to the middle of the building to access a freight elevator–and go up one floor–to the sky walk.  Then we crossed over to the building on the East side of the street. Down a long hallway to an elevator then up to the 17th floor. Hang a left, thru a double set of doors and we had our base area to build the cameras in control room. It was more or less a hallway by a frequently used bathroom. It took several trips to get everything there.

After everything was built–Back to the elevator! Down to the 2nd floor, back across the street to the West building and down a different hallway to… you guessed it. Another elevator!  This time up to the 4th floor to surgery. Around two corners, a new hallway and thru security doors we were finally at the OR. Again, it took a few trips to get everything in place.   Turns out we were pretty close to the load in area.

So, all of you that complain about not finding a “close” parking spot at the movies or grocery store, just remember, it could be so much worse. Our issue was we still had a shoot to do and then tear down. That meant doing everything again, just in reverse. Oh, the miles we put on in the facility.