Make it Up as You Go

For the BOLD Skills project I needed a way to have 1 light be a key light for 2 people in an face to face interview setting. This is not something I usually do but the room called for this type of set up. The answer was a “lantern”.

In short a lantern is just that, light is a contained housing that lights a broad area but allows you to controls the spill. Would have loved to have the Chimera Birdcage for this, but there were two problems. 1) It comes lamped with Tungsten and I was lighting the room with Daylight LED. 2) To get it in time, I would have had to pay $150 in shipping for the $325 product. That wouldn’t fly so, I made one.

My crude design crossed softbox rods near a daylight colored HID lamp head. I used old electrical wire to create vertical guides for the bottom where another set of crossed rods would be. Black wrap was applied to the bottom to control downward spill. I corrected the HID green shift with 2 layers of 1/8 minus green gel. Added diffusion and more black wrap on top of the diffusion for more precise control. Done. I tested it with my very creepy model head in the garage and knew it would fit the set up. It was kind of crude but it did the job.

As you can see in the screen grabs, both talent had nice soft lighting from a key source. The light’s color match the LEDs very well and the relative coolness of the HID output let us film for hours in the small space with out heating up the room like tungsten would. Mission Accomplished.