More Grippage

Its kind of fun to show how we rig different set ups. Here are some samples recent shoots.

Car set

We were testing how we would rig up a multi-camera shoot in a vehicle. We needed to mount 3 mini cams and the Toshiba IH-HD1s were perfect for this. I have 2 and used another split head camera as a place holder. We used my favorite weapon, the magic arm and mounted the cameras to the steering wheel and handle near the passenger door. For the center camera we just elevated it off the dash with a small case. Add some lights – boom -done. Ill have another post on this set up soon. Mission control, as I call it, was a mess of gear and wires. So awesome.


I had the pleasure of working on a Virtual Reality shoot two weeks ago. For this kind of production the rigging is VERY important. It needs to be very solid to support the camera and as much out of the way as possible. Doug Lee and I came up with this…

The wood on the box we were mounting too was not very strong so we had to fortify and add additional mounting points to keep everything solid. Later in the day we did this.


Don’t worry. More info is coming about this crazy shoot. So many great things to share.

Drs office

Lastly, had a shoot in a Dr’s office. Man those rooms are small. We need an accent light above the Dr’s head but out of the way of the camera move. Bring on the magic arm! A cardellini to grab the false ceiling, the arm to get the light into the right spot and a roll of tape to keep everything straight (and to prevent the weight of the rig from permanently damage the ceiling.)  All in all, a simple and effective set up.