New Gear in Action

An artist with ties to Philly and Africa, Elvis Yarngo, now lives in Sioux Falls. Focused Motion produced and shot his latest music video.

Using the my new C100, cine lenses and LED lighting we took over a hotel suite and turned it into a “condo” for the video of Elvis Yarngo’s single, ‘Tonight’. We did 3 to 5 shots on each set up (there were almost 15 set ups). And we did it all in a 10 hour period. We were crusin’! Having precise control over the lighting from the dim-able LEDs was key to this. They produce no heat so would could move quickly between set ups with out needing to cool off fixtures or adjust the room temp. The C100 and cine lenses performed great and gave us some wonderful images.

Here are some behind the scene shots and some frame grabs from the footage. All of these images are raw out of the camera with no grading applied. Production shots courtesy of Nathan Maas.