On Top of Old Smokey

Loess Hills actually. Near Crescent in Western Iowa. I was working on a project involving earth moving equipment and the views were amazing.

More or less, the area needs a lot of rock for future construction projects. Roads, buildings, school, ect. They have it but it’s under a lot of dirt. Enter Mobile Track Solutions. They build scrapers that move dirt and move it quickly. They are helping get down to the bedrock so it can be blasted out and prepped for the construction.

This project was done to highlight new feature on their equipment. The visual benefit for me was incredible. On top of our location we were almost even with the sky scrapers in Omaha. Backing up a bit we were even with planes as then glided into Eppley Field and saw nothing but sky. Turning the other way revealed a deep pit where the bedrock was located. Very cool stuff.