Orange is the new Black

The last 30 days has had me in Philadelphia twice to shoot multiple surgeries. And there is a new “rule” for vendors out there. Wear Orange so we can see you.

There are varying theories as to why the traditional colored scrubs were swapped out for these, oh so bright ones. Easier identification of vendors vs staff, prevent loss of hospital property, faster change into hunting clothes after work, you name it. If was fun a first but then you forget about glowing so much and get down to business.

One surgery was to show the details of an orthopaedic technique where the patient is elevated to almost eye level with the suregon. The other pics show my POV of driving the polecam on a multi camera shoot for repairing a heart valve. That is interesting, amazing and inspiring work to witness. What the body can do and handle and what we can do to help it heal are just amazing feats.

And of course I need to shout out to my cell block crew from VideoLink in Philly and SVC from California. Great work guys and gals.