ORs, Boots and Broken Hearts

Not sure how else to start a story about Nashville…? All those things happened on a recent trip with some surprises along the way. The first one came in the airport. Before we took off when, one of our favorite clients was on all of the same connections. How fun is that? We lost her at baggage claim but ended up making plans to meet up as our trips overlapped almost the same days and schedules.

So… work came first. We had a couple of surgeries to shoot and did those early the next day. But you better believe there was some culture collected that night. We took in some ridiculous sushi. For a late lunch. It was amazing. And then crazy good Mexican for dinner. Ran out of room for BBQ.

We walked the strip and Collin decided he needed boots. After picking a store, he then had to pick ONE pair for himself and then move over to the wife. That was not an immediate kind of decision making process, but he came out in good shape. We saw the waterfront and Nissan Stadium (which was hosting a TopGolf event at night) and caught an incredible pair of singers in a tiny hole-in-the-wall. Culture was found and had.

At another point we meet up with our client and her colleagues. They were there to do a broadcast at RFDTV. We were invited to come down and tour the studio before the show – and who would say no to checking that out? I mean come on… Why wouldn’t you? The studio was top notch and pulled off a very “barn” look. Highly appropriate. RFD.TV recently went through an upgrade to their control room so all the equipment was top notch. Things I had seen just a few months back at NAB were in the racks. The studio was also in great shape. They have several modular sets that can change dramatically in a few minutes. A well executed goal for any broadcast operation.