Polecam at LA Auto Show

Just before Thanksgiving was the Press Event postion of the LA Auto Show. John Gillen needed a second Polecam op for the Jaguar Land Rover booth and I gladly obliged.

With the less than optimal flooring at these events, the Ronin head has become a vital part of the Polecam kit. It simply keeps the camera steady while people shuffle about on temporary walking areas and stages.  I have some pics of how this set up looks with the Toshiba IK-HD1 and Fujinon 17x lens.

One of the most practical innovations I saw this year was rear facing LED lighting on a GMC Truck. Its for backing assist and trailing alignment.  That sucker is bright. Because of its placement, it lights up the whole side of the truck but doesn’t interfere with the driver at all.

The coolest thing I bumped into was watching people interact in different VR/interactive displays. Watching them tune the radio and adjust the fan was just hilarious. People moved at such a slow speed while doing this. Likely because of the VR environment and trying to take it all in, but when you think about it, its kind of funny to “slowly” adjust a mirror. Especially when everyone is staring at you and you have no idea because your head is in a viewfinder. But hey, that’s where the word is heading and I am partly at fault.  I have a couple VR projects in the works and more testing to write about soon.