Polecam for Rubik’s Cube Championship

Red Bull does an amazing job firing people up. And not all of them are athletes!  Red Bull has a MINDGAMERS series that host events that challenge the mind: specifically memory, creativity, musicality strategy, visual intelligence and logic. These play out in escape rooms, hacking, and specifically, winning at Rubik’s cube.  In the fall of 2018 I was crewed to fly the Polecam at the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship.

The event was in Boston with day one being the USA regional. The next day was the world championships. People from all over the world came to participate in different categories of Speedcubing, Re-Scramble, and the Fastest Hand. That’s solving the cube with only one hand. So amazing to watch.

I remember one cube being solved in under 5 seconds. Soooo fast! We had to shoot in high frame rates just to see it happen.  We had a 5 camera crew covering the event and Red Bull is planning on a documentary. There are some links below to highlights from the event below. If your fast enough you’ll catch a glimpse of my rig in the background.Image of Rubicks Cube at the Red Bull, MINDGAMERS series




Image of Gammers the Red Bull, MINDGAMERS series

The set design at the Red Bull, MINDGAMERS series