Polecam in the M.O. OR

I spent most of last week in St. Louis prepping and then shooting 2 very interesting heart procedures. SVC International out of So. Cal and Videolink out of Boston were my teammates. Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis was the place.

We had 4 manned cameras. 2 on dollies for mobility, 1 on a mono pod right behind the surgeon and the Polecam. Add in 4 birdseye cameras and we had everything covered. We also recorded 3 vital stats feeds such as blood pressure and heart rate so the patients health can be shown in the video as they react to the surgery.

These are intense shoots. Obviously the patient’s health is of the most concern. We are there to record the surgeon’s technique so others can learn and benefit from it. Its an honor to be present for these. First time I have seen a beating heart. Very neat.

Both procedures went well. We tore it down and packed it up for the trip home. Can’t wait to do it again.