Portraits of Farming

Now that the snow is melting and it feels more like spring, I don’t feel so bad about bring out material that was shot late summer. Here it goes.

This was a multi week project were the stories of several farmers were captured and then paired together to generate better public awareness for that farmers actually do, and how much of our daily lives they are a part of. We traveled all over the state and met some great people. The kind that South Dakota is known for. The kind that are more interested in you even though you are there because there is so much interest in them.

We saw their passion for the land and what they do. I also learned about each of their whys. We saw some beautiful country and met the sun on its way up and down several times and it was magnificent. Below are some behind the scenes shots I could steal with my phone. The real shooting was done with 2 cameras so we could get enough coverage for the edits.

I do really wish you could have been there. Its hard to describe the brilliant colors of the sunset when standing on a river overlook. There was no wind, no interruption, and a sense of calm. Just beauty.