Rockin’ the Fair

Working with Collin from CMAC productions we are producing the content for the video boards for this year’s Sioux Empire Fair.

Last night’s performers were American Young and Josh Turner. The pictures are from his set. Before the concert we learned that Mr. Turner has his own video crew and we would be putting their feed up on the video boards. Fine with us. That means we could watch the show. But before that happened, we had to do a little trouble shooting.

Part of their set up included 3 Toshiba POV cameras–the same ones I use on Polecam. They were hard mounted to the drum kit and keyboards. We were doing a similar thing with my cameras on other shows. One of theirs was not giving off good color and the tech was having issues working it out. I offered to help and we swapped out their parts with mine and isolated the problem. For the show I loaned them a CCU and everything worked out.

They were grateful and I am still not any closer to joining any touring acts. But it was fun playing roadie for 10 minutes.

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