Shine On

A new edition to my kit is a pair of the Litepanels Sola 4 Fresnels. This little guys rock.

These are very light weight and rather mighty LEDs that are daylight balanced and in a fully controllable Fresnel housing. The flood is wide and the spot is tight. The dimming capability on this housing is very well done. Check out the attached pictures for examples.

These lights have been out for a while but I finally made some room to pick them up and they SIP the power. Then can run off wall power or 12-28V DC power. Meaning, I can run them in the field off a brick battery. And their draw is a minor 40w so they will last for hours on a Hytron 140 or 2hrs+ on a 90 Wh battery. No more generators or long cable runs to get some daylight fill on a sunny day. Will they replace a full blown HMI….. heck no, but these will go in my carry on when traveling.

Will post pics form the field soon. Several jobs are lined up with these being the primary lighting source. Both for interviews and product shoots.