Solar, Grid and Patches

Mid-June was my travel time. LA for 6 days, home for 18 hours then 3 days in Chicago. Early July has me in Atlanta. But before getting to that I saw some cool stuff along the way.

Solar:  In the Denver airport passed an interesting kiosk. They had a whole bunch of solar panels with batteries and charging stations. The company is Enerplex ( They make solar panels in different sizes and shapes that can be folded out and daisy chained to gather energy in the field. Some are even integrated into backpacks to gather energy when hiking. They also showed a battery (that is airline safe) that can act as a putt-putt generator. With absolutely zero noise. I purchased a cell phone case that had a solar charger and battery integrated into it. Works great. On the plane I read a Field and Stream article and that discussed the enerplex products for camping and survival. Coincidence?

Grid: Our shoot in Chicago was later in the day so we stopped by to see Dan at Able Cine. He gave us a tour of their new office which is right next to the studios that house production for Chicago PD. Didn’t see anything happening but was fun to imagine what was brewing inside the walls. I was surprised by how tidy Able Cine’s meeting room/studio light grid was.   So compact, clean and purposeful. If I ever put one up I have a model to aspire too.

Patches:  Well, more like stitches. We had a 3 camera crews covering different medical labs in Chicago. It absolutely fascinates me how engineers and precision metal working combine with math and science. And even more so how a creative surgeon can continue to evolve the process of a medical repair. Keep it up folks.