Sony E3

Sony launched their latest round of PlayStation material and a new Virtual Headset at E3 in June. And Polecam was a part of the show.

Creative Technologies was behind the scenes and put on a heck of a presentation. Massive 4K LED video boards with an LED floor and back wall. Intense lighting effects, a full orchestra and massive amount of very technically minded people made it happen. I was on site in Los Angles for about a week at the Shrine auditorium. I knew it was going to be an incredible experience. After a few days of rehearsal it was show day. The show got underway and a couple thousand people stood up and roared with approval at the images and experience before them.  I was on the corner of the stage. Trying to focus on operating….  Pretty cool.

Back stage the tech was almost as amazing. Several control areas (screen, camera switching communication audio and orchestra audio, etc.), 21 record decks, audio booths for live translation, multiple RF camera connections for roaming handhelds. Everyone in the orchestra had a headset to hear the conductor. Mesmerizing. Maybe even an engineer’s nightmare. It was awesome.

Below are some pics. Enjoy.