Steadi… and Sterilized

It’s been a fast moving Winter. These photos are from a project shot in early January and I haven’t gotten them posted yet. Need to spend less time surfing the web I guess.

The client needed the camera to glide toward the OR table as the doctor and nurse (both actors) moved toward the patient. We were shooting with RED so we mounted it on the steadicam and flew it in. We also used my Teradek Bolt for a live, real time feed to the director’s monitor and my remote follow focus to keep everything sharp. These extra pieces of gear made balancing the rig a little more challenging but it was fun to have all of that working and be wire free so I could move around the set.

On a side note, we shot as a higher frame rate… 160 fps I think, maybe 200 fps. This gave it a super dramatic look on playback. Fun shoot. And because there was no actual surgery going on, I didn’t have to completely sterilize every piece of gear we brought in. Although those hospital grade handy wipes sure do make things sparkle.

Photos courtesy of Dort Keiper/Overview Locations