3/07/12 Streaming SnoCross

The ISOC Fargo Nationals was held last weekend. This is one stop of many for the professional snow cross racing circuit. This stuff is awesome. 500 pound sleds getting tossed around a track that changes every race. Then the Slednecks (stunt team) come out and tricks including back flips off a kicker ramp. Sure it’s cold but I wouldn’t trade it.

The two day event is live streamed on the www.isocracing.com website and later a show highlighting the pro racers is edited and broadcast on NBC Sports. Everything was shot at 1080/24P using a combination of EX3’s and Panasonic 170’s. Several teams are mic’ed for sound during and after the race. Their reactions and comments make for some great TV. Its REAL reality.

My position for this event was high up in a lift over the 1st and 3rd corners. Below are some pictures of my incredible view with one through the view finder. Of course, being in Fargo the weather had to make things interesting. The first night the winds were howling and the snow was flying. It was hard to see the opposite end of the track. My camera was protected but the snow got in everywhere. The second day was windy but gave way to clear skies and calm conditions for the pros… and they didn’t disappoint. I am not necessarily a race fan but seeing this stuff in person is incredible. Only two weeks left in the season. Next tour stop in outside Minneapolis and then the season finale in Lake Geneva, WI.