Suction…. Polecam….

Just coming off a show for ORLive. A surgery that was produced live for other surgeons.

BroadcastMed and iStream Planet are the companies behind this. They produce live learning labs for other medical professionals. In this case, it was a knee replacement being shown to a conference of orthopedic surgeons.

We were in Woodbury, MN. Two cameras in the OR and a complete broadcast control room down the hall in a conference room. The signal was sent out two ways. Live over satellite to the conference in Orlando where the presenter there could talk directly to the surgeon in MN. They covered technical and procedural questions from the audience. The event was also webcast and streamed live. It is available for viewing if you could not attend the live event.

The most challenging part of this set up was getting the Fiber lines down the hallway, around some fire walls, under a couple of doors and into the OR. We then had to suspend the cables from the ceiling for safety. The run wasn’t too bad until one camera line was 6 feet short… Ugh. Had to isolate that one and slide it back over the full distance. What can you do?

The surgery went well and the broadcast did too. It took about an hour to undo what took us most of the day before to create. Pack up, head home and get ready for the next one.