Surgery using Polecam

This image is from a job in Pocatello, ID late this past summer. On this job I worked a couple of knee revision  surgeries with another Polecam op from Portland named Boyd Anderson. This was a two camera shoot so we could cover the prep table better. Reason being the medical device company was using a new templateing system on knees that sped up the precess quite a bit. The picture was taken before the surgery started. The “Smurf” in between the two cameras is the fasted surgical assistant I have ever met. Don’t let her size ( or color) fool you. She was good.

The trick to this whole project was I was going to be on vacation with family in Northern Minnesota right up until the surgery. I contracted with Boyd to bring his Polecam because I had no way of sneaking mine into the cabin along with swimsuits, golf clubs and coolers.

Everything worked out great. Boyd and I met up the night before and worked the two surgeries. After everything was wrapped up we were invited out to a late lunch by the surgeon and a company rep. That provided a good chance to screen some of the video with both of them.  We started looking at it right after ordering and tried to hide the screen from other patrons in the building. Just when we got to the good stuff, our waitress slipped in the back way to deliver our onion rings and tater skins (we were in Idaho) — and immediately flipped out at what was on the screen… And that is why you shouldn’t show off surgical footage in a restaurant.

The good news- the Doc was thrilled with what he saw and I have to say it looked pretty good.  Both cameras got some pretty important footage that will help other surgeons learn to use this new system.