TV Pilot

Late in December, I was part of a team shooting a pilot for a TV Series. All locations were in Eastern South Dakota and that is about as much as I can tell you. The concept has been under development for a few years and is being pitched very early into the new year.

Below are some pictures of one of our interview set ups. We were in a pretty old house that had “dated” decor. The producers wanted to play up the older feeling of the house so we enhanced the older lamps and artwork with some tungsten sources as that already put off a pretty yellow light. Color temps were mixed with daylight on the talent and thru windows in the back room, but they were well controlled and produced a natural result.

This was also a two camera shoot and the interviews had to look good for a wider shot as well as a close up. The close up shot used a faster prime lens to really soften the background on the cut away shot.

We shot long and hard for two days and the media is back in NYC being pieced together.