Wind Tower Climb

Not long ago I helped with some video for Iberdrola as one of their Wind Techs in SD (Buffalo Ridge II Wind Farm) was about to be deployed with the SD National Guard. They wanted to highlight how supportive his co-workers and the company are of his mission. Shortly after, they decided to fly an American flag every day until he returns home. The most visible place to put it, of course, the top of a 300 foot wind tower and video needed to shoot to show how its done.



After a weather delay, we were set to make the climb and I was ready to document it. I had to test out on safety procedures and complete a test climb before being allowed to go to the top. What a neat experience. You see these turbines all around different parts of the country but bring in one is such a unique experience. And doing it to document and share the pride and support for an American deployed on mission made it an honor.



We deployed a few POV cameras to catch the climb and I worked ahead and behind the techs to capture their ascent. After reaching the top, the three employees I was with fought the wind and mounted a flagpole and flew the colors. Then we took some pictures. What an incredible view from up there. I really enjoyed it. After we came back down we waited for the sun to set for some more colorful shots of the flag illuminated by the setting sun… and then later by a mounted spot light. The longer we were there the more impressive the sky became and more stunning the shots developed. I really didn’t want to leave.





While we were waiting for this least scene to play out, several passers-by stopped to get pictures of the flag mounted and flying high. It was a proud, patriotic moment for me — much more Im sure for the guys who were dedicated to making it happen. This flag will be flown every day until their co-worker returns home safe.