Working on White

A call came in to produce a series of educational videos. The client wanted a clean look where the focus would be on the speaker and their presentation–nothing distracting going on around them. A perfect time to use white.

The room was a little difficult as it had a lower ceiling. I had done a tech scout but that room was unavailable that day. No problem – roll with it. With some help from CMAC Productions, we set the background and let everything with LEDs balanced to 5600K. We also used two matching cameras so we could seamlessly edit between the wide shot into the tight details of their presentation.

There were several speakers and 6 separate topics that will be cut into these educational pieces. Our first presenter was somewhat taller than average to where we had to adjust everything and compress the frame more then we wanted but got a pretty good result. The images came out looking clean. The client is happy and the edit is well underway.