Working with the Four Percent

Working with the Four Percent

In the start of 2017, I was fortunate to meet and start working with Vick Strizheus of the Four Percent. We have had some great projects since then and I want to introduce you to what will be in future write ups.

Vick has created on online ecosystem for marketers and e-commerce. What makes his company stand out is not just the quantity of products and training available, but the quality in them. He works with people who are at the top of their fields and creates training that breaks down the basics and offers key insights to others growing their business. I am blown away at the information he draws out of the people he works with.

Some of these people are Josh Earp, Tim Karsliyev and Shawn Thomas (in LA), Forbes Riley (in her studio is St. Petersburg, FL), Steve Hofstetter, and more. Earlier this summer, Vick held a conference in Orlando where most of these people presented on stage to give motivation and business insights to attendees. I was positioned behind the scenes to capture video for highlight reels – and help make Tony Horton look like more of a bad a** than he already is. As if?!?!?

Somehow… with all of this going on, Vick creates content for his site at a furious pace. Some of the projects are long form interviews that reveal the struggles entrepreneurs have faced and overcome to be successful. Really interesting and positive stuff. My plan is to drop more entries and give more details into these projects. Assuming we are not out creating news ones all the time.

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