4/18/13 More NAB

So much to tell… No you can’t see everything, even if you tried. You would need more than the 3.5 days the floor is open just to get to everything. This show takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, the LVH next door and some outside space between buildings. It’s big. However, the one stop everyone should make is Polecam.

I was helping Steffan Hewitt and Steve Rutherford from the mother ship in London and Greg Salman from LA.
The booth was in a much different location this year but handled a lot of traffic non-the-less. What helped was our 28 foot mast wrapped in a blue party light. That really draws them in. It wound up the length of the 7th Heaven model and was topped off by a Toshiba IK-HD1. Most people couldn’t even make out the camera at that height but they sure loved the image. Especially our neighbors ikan. We helped them spy on their coworkers on a few occasions.

And because shows are for showing off, Steff brought a new model of the Polecam Wide Head wrapped in money. Benjamin’s baby. From 10 feet out it looked like a muted white but close up it was a conversation starter. I might have to wrap my next car in that paper… And don’t worry, we did find some time for fine dining. The last picture is from my Parmesan and Peppercorn crusted Mahi Mahi with essence of lobster, asparagus and potatoes. What a treat.

I did get to wander away from the booth and found some fun stuff. Stay tuned for that.