4/23/13 Even More NAB

I broke out….

…of the booth… a lot actually. It was encouraged as long as there wasn’t a line of people wanting info on the Polecam PSP+ system. We had lines, believe me. But I also got out more then I thought I would. The best of both worlds.

Black Magic made a lot of noise with their camera announcement last year. A $3000 camera that can do just about anything. Well, they had supply problems and a lot of people didn’t get their orders. The 2013 show rolls around and Black Magic doesn’t roll out another camera, they roll out two. Amazing. One is a 4K version that pretty much wipes out their previous model. Cost is only $4000 and has a lot more bang for the buck. That resulted in a lot of unhappy and curious people are out there.

Their crazy announcement was a pocket camera based on a S16 sensor that acts just like its big brothers. It’s MSRP is an astonishingly low 3 figure; $995. I did see a working model but couldn’t get close enough to touch it in the time I had. Will be interesting to follow up on this one.

Back at home base, Polecam was introducing the Resolve Optics Z10-HDcf. It’s a C mount lens with a 10x zoom motor built into the housing along with iris and focus control. Great for the Toshiba IK-HD1 and it interfaces with the Polecam ZIF unit. ZIF stand for Zoom, Iris, & Focus. Speaking of the Toshiba, Paul Dempster from Toshiba was spending time with us and wanted to show me the inner workings of the IK-HD1. That thing is small already. Inside of it is crazy small. I have no idea how human hands can service this unit–I’m just glad they can.

And after the show had wrapped up and all the belongings were in the truck ready for a ride back to LA, we of course went out to eat. Tonight’s meal was courtesy of Todd’s Unique, a killer off strip restaurant. I had the duck, with soft whipped sweet potatoes and ginger, something, something else and something else on top of that. It looked a little rare but it was oh so good. Made my tummy happy and ended the week on a good note.

I did make some purchases and decisions on products while I was attending the show. Some are being shipped as I type and others are not yet released. When they arrive, I will post.