7/15/11 Anvil Shooting

Anvils. What else is there to say, other than… “incoming!”

Seriously. I was brought on to do field audio for a show that looks into the word of Anvil Shooting. No really. It exists.

Apparently this is mostly a Southern thing, but there is a welder in Brandon, SD that got to compete in the World Anvil Shooting Championships earlier this summer in Missouri.  We went to his house to watch him prepare and do some interviews. His hobby is Blacksmithing and he had plenty of anvils. When you ignite black powder between two of the same size you get quite the boom. Followed by a sharp twang and 100 pounds of metal soaring over 150 feet into the air. If you do it right.

Sometimes I get to see the coolest stuff while on the job. I have never heard of anvil shooting before this gig and now I would love to see it again. What a rush. The show will air sometime in 2011 on a Discovery Network.