9/23/11 Polecam Birdies the 2nd!

Steve Rausch of focused motion (USA) has been producing a 3D project for quite some time. When the Polecam 3D rig became available after the X Games in Los Angles it was time to shoot.

“We wanted a complete experience to show off the rig’s 3D capabilities to a client. Our goal was to have them understand that 3D is not only possible for their company, but it can have some pretty long lasting and positive effects on their audience.” said Steve, Polecam owner/op since 2009.

Our crew shot 8 locations, including at this golf course. We tracked the motion of the ball during a putt as it came toward the cameras. We also kept a constant distance and framing on the ball as it rolled away from the rig and dropped in the hole. This motion led to some interesting results, especially when applying different convergence points. Other locations included a greenhouse, natural waterfalls, an auditorium and butterfly habitat. We ended with talent in front of our client’s main building… complete with name and logo in the background. Made for some great depth. Photos courtesy of Michael Winkleman, www.724factory.com.

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