Baby Legs

Baby LegsThe Hi-hat and the Low-Hat have been around a long time. I resisted getting either as they seemed too limiting for the way I like to move in the field. Then I ran into these little guys.

Its not a new concept, but I was ready to add it to the arsenal. These are the Benro “Baby Legs” or HH100AV in 100MM bowl if you like SKU #s. So “wittle” they are almost cute. They cover the range of 11 inches down to 3 inches off the deck. There is a special tie down knob so you can get the tripod head that low to the ground. The legs move independently from each other and the feet can rotate for uneven surfaces or be screwed down for a solid hold. And amazingly, they can hold 220 pounds. That’s beefy for something that is only 3.5 lbs and fits in a cup holder.

Ive had them out a few times already and they are very solid. There are other companies that make similar products like Induro which has a similar height range. Good units but the Carbon fiber weight gain to cost ratio wasn’t worth the price to me. Manfrotto also makes something like this but the height range is very limited. So I landed here and am pretty happy with it.

So, next time we are out, be sure to look DOWN for the camera. And please don’t step on it.

   Baby Legs   Baby Legs