Interviews are the Game

Well lit interviews are a very important part of telling a good story thru video. I’m not gonna lie… I was pretty average at lighting interviews until a took a few more classes and got to watch some other great shooters work their magic. Now I carry a pretty good kit made up of LED and Tungsten heads, a good selection of modifiers, a well tweaked camera and more importantly better understanding of how to make these images stand out. Let’s go through a few.

1) Last election season I was tasked with finding interesting nature backgrounds and then lighting the talent near golden hour. We used Daylight LEDs (panels and fresnels) to brighten up the talent and silks to control the setting sun. There was a lot of tweaking as we went, but I love how they turned out.

Larry1 Larry2

2) A non-profit needed to get a visitor on camera before his flight left. We had an office. Go. Using LED panels, a silk, 2 flags and one hair light we got this image for them. Client was very happy and travel was not delayed.

IV Grab.mongoliaIV Grab.Mongolia2

3) There was a fast corporate interview to do and the only location available that was not the cafeteria, was a meeting room. Yuck. However, with the better knowledge of shaping the light and the shot, and the ability to drop the focus just past the subject, I was able to get a nice set up. We were ready to record in under 30 minutes.


4) Re-posting a shot of Sarah the Bowler. This was lit with all tungsten and just a fun shot. Got a great cut light on her to separate the background.


So, I think I’ve upped my game. I am really liking how the interviews are turning out on camera and am getting positive feedback from clients. And that motivates me to get out there and do more. Can’t wait.