The ultimate tool for high production value. The Polecam is a JIB like system that can go anywhere and be rigged in 10 minutes. Made of carbon fiber and aluminum, it is light weight, easy to maneuver, quick to set up and produces high quality, high definition broadcast images seen the world over. It has a motorized pan/tilt head that supports micro HD cameras that can get into very tight places.

Polecam has been used in multiple Olympic games, World Cup soccer coverage, Triathlons, operating rooms, on archeological digs and countless other places. Did we mention it can shoot submerged underwater? Meaning not just in the boat, but under it!  Imagine the possibilities.

Polecam was developed by Stephen Hewett and there are hundreds in service across the globe—but only a few in the United States! That’s too bad-because producers love the variety of options and creative capabilities the rig can offer.  Steve has been operating his Polecam since 2008 and his client list is steadily growing.