4/19/12 Hello Rodney!

Working at NAB leads to long days and some interesting opportunities. While presenting a Polecam system to an interested buyer, a gentleman joined the conversation and asked two short but well conceived questions. I glanced at his name tag and instantly knew him. It read, Rodney Charters. Rodney was the DP (Director of Photography) of one of my favorite shows, “24”.

The series “24” no longer runs on FOX but remains my all time favorite for the stunning plots, daring actions and palpable tension. I loved that show. The man responsible for every image was standing in front of me asking questions about the rig. Crazy.

We did exchange some greetings before the interested buyer became very involved and star struck by the man standing next to him. Guess he was also a fan?? Rodney was generous with him time and even interrupted a phone call to pose for some pictures. What a class act.

So, keep your eyes open for the unexpected. You never know what or who will be in front of you next.