4/4/13 Rock ‘N Roll

Last week was a pretty big event in Sioux Falls for Rock n Roll Fans. The Brennan Rock and Roll Academy held a week long series of concerts to open and raise money for the Boys and Girls club. Who was there? Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Stephen Pearcy, and a few comedians like George Lopez and Louie Anderson. How do I fit in this? Video.

Chuck Brennan’s companies use Nichols Media for their TV spots. Chad Remington is the prod. manager there and we have worked together for years. He called for help in figuring out how to get this set up for live production and recording. We met, scoped out the site and then he did most the work. But, we included one my two Toshiba Cameras for the locked down wide view. It was perfect size. Small out of the way and a good HD signal with a paint box in the control room.

Below are some of the pictures of how we mounted the camera, what the control room set up looked like and then some images from the Toshiba Camera. I worked the last night of the week long event and was able to sneak in a cell pic during Gene Simmon’s performance. After that show, 8 of us took down all the broadcasting equipment and had it packed up and ready to ship in about an hour. And that’s how I got to roll with the rockers.