8/12/11 Skyping

To keep production costs in check, a lot of programs are using Skype to conduct interviews instead of purchasing airfare to ship a producer half way across the continent. It’s almost like the real thing, but I understand the efficiencies of working this way. Especially when the interview is less than an hour.

I had a client request this service not too long ago. We set up in a studio as normal and placed the laptop where the producer would normally sit. They watched on the other end while conducting the interview. To ensure everything worked out we recorded two feeds and immediately overnighted the master to the producer. It’s fun to work this way, but we had a hard time setting the shot as the webcam was not nearly as accurate as my HD camera at reproducing colors and especially framing. What can you do?  I guess we could always fire up the Sat stuck and buy that hour long window…. and completely blow the budget for the rest of the year. Decisions, decisions.