9/27/12 Notre Dame Game

With a last name of Rausch, you wouldn’t think I’d be Irish. But every fall I break out the Blue and Gold and watch Notre Dame contently from my couch. I tried doing it in public once but found out the hard way that I live in Nebraska Country. That corn husking nation sure thinks highly of itself and their particular color of pickup trucks. That and they use strength in numbers to control ALL of the TVs at the bar so I opt to watch in a more neutral environment.

I’ve been an Irish fan since I can remember. Then when my brother attended the college I lived every game weekend vicariously through him. It made me jealous that he was literally on the field for every game as a part of the Marching Band and dedicated member of the Drum Line. And thanks to his tuition, I mean investment, my family has been able to attend games in South Bend for quite some time now. And how sweet it is.

This year my dad secured tickets for the game against Michigan. My brother was going to fly out with his girlfriend and meet my dad as he traveled back from a business trip to Indianapolis. My schedule cleared up just days before the game and I flew out to meet everyone and take in the fun. Since these postings about meant to be about the broadcasting industry I’ll now mention that the game was shown during prime time on NBC.

For this game the network deployed the SkyCam as part of its production package. This is the camera that floats over the field through out the game. It looks down into the huddle before a play and follows the kickoff down the field. Its really cool technology as it is suspended by 4 wires attached to the upper parts of the stadium and different motors take in or reel out cable to move it around the action. I counted at least 10 cameras around the stadium but think there may have been more for a game of this magnitude.They even had a blimp!

It’s always a treat to be a part of the 80,000+ crowd. Even sweeter was the 13-6 victory. That got the Irish to 4-0 on the year, into the top 10 in rankings and helped dropped Michigan from the top 25. Go Irish. Beat Wolverines. And Hurricanes and Sooners and Eagles and Trogans and so on. I’m sure it was pretty fun to watch on TV too. Irish or not.

By the way, I took these pics with my Lumix GH2 and an old 70-210 Canon FD lens. The crop factor of 1.9 helps it act more like a 400 mm lens. Great for shooting across a huge stadium.