Alexa XT on a Steadi

The Steadicam has been out working. Last week I did a day on a short film using an Alexa EV with Super Speed lenses. Then we took it up a notch.

Here we were testing the payload capacity of the New Arri Alexa XT with massive and ridiculously awesome Cooke 5i lenses. This series maintains a T1.4 through out all models ~ 18mm to 135mm. Sure they are heavy, but damn they are pretty.

This stripped down setup weighed 23.7 lbs on a shipping scale and my model Steadicam is rated to 25. When everything was set just right the arm actually lifted the load out of the docking station. That surprised me. I expected some resistance but the rig lifted it right up and then carried the weight very well. We have no concerns about adding the follow focus back on. Being this was a test we didn’t really shoot anything but did confirm that we can! Can’t wait for the real thing.