Another Polecam Day in the OR

We received a call for Polecam in an OR. Collin and I stepped up and made things happen in Chicago. We have very few pictures from setting ups on surgery days. Surgery is always early morning and in the rush of getting into a foreign facility, squared away with staff, changing into scrubs and acknowledging OR protocols… we never have time to stop and smile. Well, this time we worked with a wonderful rep WHO MADE US take a picture for her. I’m not sure she would have allowed the Doc to continue if we didn’t!

Surgery went well. We didn’t fly out until the next morning so we did what any hockey fan would do…. We went to the Blackhawks game! The picture of the city is from right outside out hotel. Pretty good view. I much prefer the view of the guy running the high/slash cam. That’s a view. Especially with that 110x lens on there.

We went to the game early and what do you know? It was bobble head night. Free Toys!  We knew they had a pretty good pregame production and were in place ready to enjoy it well before show time.  The United Center has an incredible Video Board display and screens about every 25 feet to help you keep up with the action. This was my first NHL game and the video projection on the ice pregame was amazing. Beyond words really. Even if you are not a hockey fan, you should try and take in a pregame just to experience it. I know it won’t be my last.