BOLD Skills Project

Recently the finishing touches were put on a series of 12 training videos that will accompany the book 10 BOLDSkills for Accelerated Team Success, written by Scott Brennan. It is expected to launch on this fall. Scott approached me with this project and together we worked through the details to deliver what we both feel is a very good product. And as it should, it always starts with the content.

At first I was a little concerned how 12 longer format videos covering the topic of corporate team building would come across on video. Its doesn’t scream WATCH ME to the general public. But as I researched and prepped, there was something special in this content. And as we got to production, Scott’s personality and ability to deliver a point based on his personal experiences made this an exceptional exercise.

Below are some production shots from the set up. We used a questions and answer format with a host and a three camera set to capture the variety of shots needed to bring this to life. One of the things I am proud of is the lighting scheme. We used all daylight LEDs and a single Daylight HID source to light the room. We shot close to 7 hours each for 2 days and tungsten lighting would not be an option because it gets so hot. The AC needed to keep everyone comfortable would have made the audio unbearable. I also fashioned a “lantern” out of softbox rods, LEE 216 and black wrap to help keep production gear out of the shots. This gave a nice key light to both people from a single source.

Back to the book. It really is a good read. There is lot of information that helped me understand what didn’t go right on previous team experiences and how I can help create better ones when crewing up for future jobs. For more on Scott, check out: