I Get Around

I got to thinking while looking at a map the other day… “Man, I’ve been a lot of places for work.” How many I have no idea but thought it was time to figure it out.

Should I county by city, county or state? State seemed easiest and more relate-able. And when I get an RV, like my kids want me to do, I can fill in the colors of a sticker map and paste it on the side like all of the retirees that live a mobile life on wheels. For now a camera travel case will do. Those also have wheels.

25. That’s my answer to date. I have worked for clients in 25 different states since starting this journey 6 years ago–and most of that has been in the last three. That’s a lot. 62.5% of them actually. When making the graphic it felt like the number was going to be higher but I’m actually glad leave some places undisturbed for a while. If I didn’t I might not have new places to go next year. Like Canada… Of Fiji. That reminds me of a time I worked for the Travel Channel. Was hoping for Bora Bora. They sent me to Minot. As in Minot, ND. Yea… Let that sink in a little.