6/4/13 New Digs

After of couple of years of managed growth, I’ve expanded my gear collection and out grown my current office. So, I’m getting a bigger one.

We are in process…. Added some walls, electrical upgrades, some sheet rock and a little paint. With any luck we’ll be moving in later this week. It’s big enough to hold all my gear and keep a camera bench set up constantly so I can get into and fix things immediately when they need attention. The fun part is I will have roommates. I’m sharing the space with 724 Impact, a division of 724 Factory. So, I’ll have people to talk to when I’m actually in the office. I wonder if they will talk back. Hmmm..?

And of course, I won’t be there much. The calendar is filling up pretty quickly again. I just returned from a shoot in Columbus, OH. This week I am part of a crew for a series that will air on Investigation Discovery and then stepping in to mix audio for a documentary in Minnesota.