02/17/12 Magic Expansion

I just returned from a wonderful week in the Florida sun. My tan is much improved, but my tolerance for windchill has vanished completely.

My family, both sets of grandparents, a sister and a few others spend 7 days introducing my kids to the wonderful world of Disney. During our visit to the Magic Kingdom I ran into something rather unexpected considering the location: A production crew trying to get their gear into a restricted site… right next to the Teacups.

Sure, I was a little dizzy getting off the ride, but it’s hard not to miss a crew with orange safety vests marked BROADCAST in the middle of a theme park. That and they also had about 8 carts full of gear and a slick steadicam set up. I was on my way over to start up a conversation when my wife reminded me I was on vacation. What I can speculate is they were headed behind a construction wall to get some footage of a new attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

And this is where it gets funny. Twenty minutes later the crew was in the exact same spot. My next glance over I saw everyone reaching for boxes on a cart. My guess was lunch… Wrong. They were trying on steel toe boots. Fact: To gain access to a work site you have to have the right footwear. Being us shooter types tend to be on our feet all day a good pair of running shoes is preferred. But the stylist and vented fashion won’t help you get past OSHA. I laugh because its happened to me so many times, not getting enough information about the shoot to be completely prepared. I show up in asics and find out the job includes trekking over freshly broken ground in a landfill.

So, here they are shooting in the happiest place on earth and are being held up because of their shoe choice that morning. Man, I feel for them.  Least I could do is post some pictures.