11-27-12 Steadi-Farm

Last weekend I took a friend and his boys to the in-laws farm for some deer and pheasant hunting. I also took my new weapon, a Steadicam Zephyr.

After flying a Merlin for years and finally getting some time on a Flyer, I knew it was time to move into a full rig. The research has taken months and the decision process was not easy but several factors were in my favor so I pulled the trigger–so to speak.

The Zephyr is a relatively new model in the steadicam line. It features a double spring, adjustable tension arm, tool-less adjustment on the sled, carbon fiber adjustable center post, SD and HD monitoring options. And the best part, it handles a pretty good payload. The sled will carry up to 24 lbs. The low end of the range is debatable as different sources list it at different weights. Between 5 and 9 lbs are the recommend low end. There are other benefits to this model, almost too many to list, but they make the unit very adjustable for a large array of cameras and other options. I’ve worked on the balance with a couple different cameras thus far but nothing close to the max payload.

For the last hunt of the trip I traded weapons and brought out the steadicam. Grandma J took some photos of my final checks and adjustments. As the guys walked the trees I worked on getting footage. Note to self–next time, take off the 2 extra pairs socks, heavy hunting boots, insulated pants, ect. It will make trudging through the weeds a bit easier.

The video looks pretty good. I am still practicing and trying to schedule a formal course, but for the length of time I have had the rig I am pretty happy with the performance. Mine too. I didn’t trip once. To see the video from the hunt, go to the VIDEOS page and click on Steadicam@Farm H 264.